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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Table 6-1. Troubleshooting (Continued).
7. Oil Pressure Low.
Step 1.
Check oil pump.
Overhaul oil pump. Refer to paragraph 6-26.
Step 2.
Check oil pressure regulator.
Replace defective oil pressure regulator.
8. Black Exhaust Smoke (Incompletely Burned Fuel).
Step 1.
Check for faulty blower.
a. Clean liner.
b. Clean blower screen obstructions.
Step 2.
Check for clogged blower screen or dirty cylinder liner parts.
Overhaul blower assembly. Refer to paragraph 6-35.
9. High Engine Coolant Temperature.
Check for damaged keel cooler.
a. Repair keel cooler. Refer to paragraph 6-17.
b. Replace keel cooler damaged beyond repair.
10. Power Take-Off Assembly (Ramp Hoist Pump Drive) Inoperative.
Step 1.
Check for worn clutch.
a. Repair clutch. Refer to paragraph 6-37.
b. Replace clutch damaged beyond repair. Refer to paragraph 6-37.
Step 2.
Check for defective clutch release mechanism.
Repair clutch release mechanism. Refer to paragraph 6-37.


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