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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Table 6-1. Troubleshooting (Continued).
Step 6.
Check for faulty flywheel.
a. Inspect flywheel and replace loose or missing passage plugs. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
b. Check emergency engagement bolts for tightness. Tighten loose bolts. Refer to paragraph
Step 7.
Check for damaged or defective drive shaft seal rings.
Replace worn, damaged or defective seal rings.
Refer to paragraph 6-38.
Step 8.
Check flatness on forward piston and reaction plate.
Replace piston and reaction plate if warped.
Refer to paragraph 6-39.
Step 9.
Inspect clutch facings for wear.
Replace clutch plate if facings are badly worn.
Refer to paragraph 6-39.
Step 10. Inspect dump valves for varnish deposits or foreign material which may prevent valves from
functioning properly.
a. Clean parts. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
b. Replace damaged parts. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
Condition B - With selector valve in reverse position.
Step 1.
Check for low oil pressure.
Replace defective oil pump relief valve. Refer to paragraph 6-36.
Step 2.
Check for defective oil pump.
Overhaul oil pump. Refer to paragraph 6-36.


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