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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Table 6-1. Troubleshooting (Continued).
Step 3.
Check for defective marine gear dump valve.
Clean, inspect and replace defective parts. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
Step 4.
Check reaction plate and reverse piston for flatness.
Replace if warped. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
Step 5.
Inspect clutch facings for wear or evidence of over-heating.
Replace clutch plate if worn or shows evidence of overheating. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
1. Alternator Fails to Charge.
Step 1.
Test for open isolation diode.
Disassemble alternator and replace defective isolation diode. Refer to paragraph 6-18.
Step 2.
Test for open rotor winding.
Disassemble alternator and verify rotor winding continuity. Replace rotor if open. Refer to
2. Unsteady or Low Charging Rate.
Step 1.
Test for grounded, shorted or open turns in stator coils.
Disassemble alternator and replace stator. Refer to paragraph 6-18.


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