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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
d. To prepare all surfaces of
the meter section for
reassembly and insure that
all edges of the parts are
burr free, place a piece of
600 grit abrasive paper face
up on an extremely flat,
clean, hard surface. The
surface to be used for this
purpose should be as flat as
plate glass or better. If
the 600 grit paper is new It
should first be rubbed down
with a scrap steel part to
remove sharp grit which would
produce scratches. The ends
of the star gear can be used
for this purpose if necessary.
Then both sides of the ring
gear, both sides of the
plate, the 14 hole end of the
housing and the flat side of
the end cap should be cleaned
lightly. Stroke each surface
across the abrasive several
times and observe the part.
Any small bright area near an
edge indicates a burr which
must be removed. Hold the
part so that contact with the
abrasive is as flat as
possible. (Do not push one
edge down hard or the flatness
will become rounded). Check
each part after 6 to 10
strokes across the abrasive.
After polishing each part,
rinse clean in solvent and
blow dry. Keep these parts
absolutely clean until they
are assembled.


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