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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
12. Metering
Alignment of the cross slot in the drive with valleys between the teeth of the meter gear
star determines proper valve timing of the unit. There are 12 teeth on the spline and 6
pump teeth on the star. Alignment is exactly right in 6 positions and exactly wrong in 6
positions. If the parts slip out of position during this part of the assembly, repeat until
you are certain that correct alignment is obtained.
a. Place the plate (24) over the
housing assembly (13) so that
bolt holes in the plate align
with the tapped holes in the
housing. Place the meter gear
ring (23) on the assembly so
the bolt holes align. Place
the splined end of the drive
(25) within the meter gear
star so that the slot at the
control end of the drive is in
alignment with the valleys
between the meter gear teeth as
shown. Push the splined end of
the drive through the gear so
that the spline extends about
one half its length beyond the
meter gear star and hold it in
this position while installing
into the unit. Note the posi-
tion or direction of the center-
ing pin within the unit. Enter
the meter gear star (23A) into
the meter gear (23) and wiggle
the parts slowly in position
so that the drive does not
become disengaged from the


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