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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
IDLER GEAR.(Continued).
TEST (Cont)
If the crankshaft and camshaft
gears are mounted on the
engine, a suitable fixture,
which may be held in a vise,
can be made as shown. Three
plates, a 1/2"-13 X 2-3/4"
bolt, 1/2"-13 nut, and two
1/2" plain washers are
required. The plates are
made from steel stock. Check
the pre-load on the bearings
as follows:
1. Attach two of the steel
plates (two upper plates)
to the idler gear hub with
the 1/2"-13 bolt, washers,
and nut as shown. Tighten
the bolt to 80-90 lb-ft
(108.5-122.0 Nm) torque.
2. Attach the third plate to
the idler gear hub with
three 3/8"-16 bolts.
Tighten the bolts to 25-40
lb-ft. (33.9-54.2 Nm)
3. Clamp the idler gear
assembly and fixture in a


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