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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
IDLER GEAR.(Continued).
TEST (Cont)
of the gear teeth and wrap
the cord around the
gear several times as
shown. Attach the other
end of the cord to a
spring scale. Maintain
a steady pull on the cord
and scale, 900 to the axis
of the hub, and note the
pull, in pounds and
ounces, required to
start the gear rotating.
Make several checks to
obtain an average reading.
If the pull is within 1/2
Lb (2.22 N) minimum to 6
lbs. 12 oz. (30.03
N) maximum, and does not
fluctuate more than 2 lbs.
11 oz. (11.98 N), the
Idler gear and bearing
assembly is satisfactory
for use.


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