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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
IDLER GEAR.(Continued).
TEST (Cont)
d. The idler gear bearing must
be clean and lubricated with
engine oil before checking
the pre-load. If a new
bearing has been installed,
"work in" the bearing by
rotating the gear back and
forth several times.
e. If the crankshaft and camshaft
gears are not mounted on the
engine, the torque required
to rotate the idler gear may
be checked by mounting the
idler gear in position
on the engine, using a 4"
square, 3/8" thick steel
plate against the hub and
cone as outlined below.
1. Mount the idler gear
assembly on the engine.
2. Install the idler gear hub
retaining bolt and washer
and tighten the bolt to
80-90 lb-ft (108.5-122.0
c.Nm) torque.
3. Place the steel plate
(lower plate shown below)
against the hub and
bearing. Insert three
3/8"-16 bolts through the
plate and thread them into
the hub. Tighten the
bolts to 25-40 lb-ft
(33.9-54.2 Nm) torque.
4. Tie one end of a piece of
lintless 1/8" cord around
a 1/8" round piece of wood
(or soft metal stock).
Place the wood between two


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