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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
IDLER GEAR.(Continued).
a. Prior to installing and
securing the bearing retainer,
check the pre-load of the
bearing assembly.
b. The rollers in the bearing
are loaded between the
bearing cup and the bearing
cones in accordance with
design requirements to
provide a rigid idler gear
and bearing assembly. As the
bearing cones are moved
toward each other in a
tapered roller bearing
assembly, the rollers will be
more tightly held between the
cones and the cup. In the
idler gear bearing, a slight
pre-load is applied by means
of a selected spacer ring
between the bearing cones, to
provide rigidity of the gear
and bearing assembly when it
is mounted on its hub. This
method of pre-loading is
measured, in terms of "pounds-
pull", by the effort required
at the outer diameter of the
gear to turn the bearing cup
in relation to the bearing
Check the bearing pre-load
whenever the idler gear
assembly is removed from the
engine for service or for an
engine overhaul.


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