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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
c. Inspect both ends of the spill
deflector for sharp edges or
burrs which could create
burrs on the injector body
or injector nut and cause
particles of metal to be
introduced into the spray tip
and valve parts. Remove
burrs with a 500 grit stone.
d. Inspect the follower spring
for visual defects. Then
check the spring with spring
tester and an accurate
torque wrench.
e. The injector follower spring
(.142" diameter wire) has a
free length of approximately
1.668" and should be replaced
when a load of less than
48 lbs. will compress it to
f. Check the seal ring area on
the injector body for burrs
or scratches. Also check
the surface which contacts
the injector bushing for
scratches, scuff marks or
other damage. If necessary,
lap this surface. A faulty
sealing surface at this
point will result in high
fuel consumption and contam-
ination of the lubricating
oil. Replace any loose
injector body pump or a loose
dowel pin. Install the
proper number tag on a
service replacement injector


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