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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
g. Inspect the injector plunger
and bushing for scoring,
erosion, chipping or wear.
Check for sharp edges on that
portion of the plunger which
rides in the gear. Remove
any sharp edges with a 500
grit stone. Wash the plunger
after stoning it. Injector
Bushing Inspectalite can be
used to check the port holes
in the inner diameter of the
bushing for cracks or chip-
ping. Slip the plunger into
the bushing and check for
free movement. Replace the
plunger and bushing as an
assembly if any of the above
damage is noted, since they
are mated parts. Use new
mated factory parts to
assure the best performance
from the injector.
h. Injector plungers cannot be
reworked to change the output.
Grinding will destroy the
hardened case at the helix
and result in chipping and
seizure or scoring of the
i. Examine the spray tip seating
surface of the injector nut
and spray tip for nicks, burrs,
erosion and brinelling. Reseat
the surface or replace the nut
or tip if it is severely damaged.


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