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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
Replace damaged or excessively
worn parts. Check the minimum
thickness of the lapped parts
as noted in the chart.
Be sure that no compound is accidentally placed on the lapped surfaces located
higher up in the spray tip. The slightest lapping action on these surfaces can
alter the near-perfect fit between the needle valve and tip.
m. Before reinstalling used injector
parts, lap all of the
sealing surfaces indicated by
the arrows in the figure in
step j. It is also good
practice to lightly lap the
sealing surfaces of new injector
parts which may become burred
or nicked during handling.
9. Injector
Lap the sealing surfaces indicated in
the figure in step 8.j. as follows:
Wear protective eye goggles when using compressed air to prevent eye injury.
a. Clean the lapping blocks J22090
with compressed air. Do not use
a cloth or any other material
for this purpose.


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