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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
b. Spread a good quality 600 grit
dry lapping powder on one of
the lapping blocks.
c. Place the part to be lapped
flat on the block as shown
below and, using a figure
eight motion, move it back
and forth across the block.
Do not press on the part,
but use just enough pressure
to keep the part flat on the
block. It is important that
the part be kept flat on the
block at all times.
d. After each four or five
passes, clean the lapping
powder from the part by
drawing it across a clean
piece of tissue placed on a
flat surface and inspect the
e. When the part is flat, wash
it in cleaning solvent and
dry it with compressed air.


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