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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-35. BLOWER ASSEMBLY (Continued).
A center punch mark placed in the end of each rotor shaft at the omitted serrations will assist in
aligning the gears on the shafts.
Start both rotor gears (77)
straight on the rotor
shafts with the right-hand
helix gear on the right-hand
helix rotor and the left-
hand helix gear on the
left-hand helix rotor, and
the omitted serrations in
the gears in line with the
omitted serrations on the
rotor shafts.
(7) Thread an installer screw
J6270-8 in the end of each
rotor shaft until it
bottoms. Place gear
installer J6270-6 over the
installer screw and against
the right-hand helix gear,
and gear installer J6270-1
over the installer screw
and against the left-hand
helix gear; then, thread a
nut on each installer screw
as shown.
Place a clean shop towel
between the rotors, and
another one between the
rotor and the housing to
prevent the rotors from
turning. Then turn the
nuts on the installer
screws clockwise and force
the gears into position
tight against the shims and
bearing inner races.


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