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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-36. TRANSMISSION OIL PUMP (Continued).
m. If any of the above clearances
exceed the stated limits, the
rotor set should be replaced.
n. Although the possibility of the
rotors being scored or unduly
worn is remote, they should be
examined for scoring or wear. If
scored or worn excessively,
replace the rotors.
o. The inner and outer rotors are
available in pairs only; therefore,
if either rotor is damaged, both
rotors must be replaced.
p. The relief valve and flow control
valve should be examined for
score marks. If scored exces-
sively and it cannot be cleaned
up, replace.
q. The flow control valve and
pressure relief valve (34) are
serviced as an assembly only;
therefore, if either valve is
damaged, both must be replaced.
r. The flow control valve spring
(33) should be replaced when
a load of less than 16 lbs (7.3
kg) will compress the spring to
a 1.20 inch (3.05 cm) dimension.


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