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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-36. TRANSMISSION OIL PUMP (Continued).
s. If the serrations in the drive
hubs are peened and worn, or the
teeth of the drive coupling are
worn or chipped, replace the
drive hubs and coupling.
The pump body for the left-hand pump, from outward appearances, is the same as
the right-hand pump body. Similarly, the left-hand and right-hand pump covers
appear alike.  The difference between the pump bodies as well as the pump
covers is in the location of the oil seal bleed hole which must always be in the
intake port. When rebuilding pumps particular attention should be directed to the
location of the bleed hole because its position and the assembled position of the
flow control and relief valve assembly determines the direction of flow through
the pump.
a. If removed, install the rotor
bushing in the oil pump body as
(1) Place the oil pump body (24)
on the bed of an arbor press
with the rotor cavity end of
the body facing up.
(2) Lubricate the outside diameter
of the rotor bushing (4) with
engine oil.


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