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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-36. TRANSMISSION OIL PUMP (Continued).
i. Lubricate the periphery of the
oil pump drive shaft (2) with
engine oil. Then insert the
shaft and inner rotor assembly,
the serrated end of the shaft
first, straight into the pump
body bushing (5). Push the
shaft through the bushing and at
the same time mesh the inner
rotor with the outer rotor.
j. Install the oil pump cover (19)
on the oil pump body (24) as
fol lows:
(1) Place the oil pump body (24)
with the shaft and rotors on
the work bench with the rotor
end of the body facing up.
(2) Place a new oil pump cover
gasket (25) in the counter-
bore in the oil pump body
(3) Lubricate the oil pump
rotors and the O.D. of the
oil pump shaft with engine


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