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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-37. POWER TAKE-OFF ASSEMBLY (Continued).
c. Inspect the friction surfaces
of the clutch pressure plates
for being flat, smooth and
free from cracks or heat
checks. Also, examine the
drive bosses, the keyway in
the outer pressure plate, the
adjusting ring threads and the
notches in the inner pressure
d. Examine all of the release
levers, link pins and pin
holes in the links, release
levers, release sleeve and
pressure plate for wear.
e Inspect the clutch adjusting
ring wear plate and ring
threads for wear. If the wear
plate is worn excessively,
reverse the plate. If both
sides of the plate are worn,
replace it.
f. Examine the wear surface of
the clutch release sleeve
collar and the mating surface
on the release sleeve for
wear and scoring.
g. Inspect the mating surface of
the clutch release yoke
fingers and mating trunnions
on the release sleeve collar
for wear.


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