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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-39. REVERSE GEAR ASSEMBLY (Continued).
Reverse Gear Assembly Legend
A. Passage-Forward Oil
B. Passage-Neutral Oil
C. Passage-Reverse Oil
6. Shaft-Reverse Gear Drive
8. Gear-Reverse Sun
9. Gear-Reverse Ring
10. Plate-Reverse Clutch
11. Plate-Reverse Clutch Drive
12. Piston-Reverse Clutch
13. Snapring-Reverse Clutch Drive Plate
14. Pin-Clutch Drive
16. Gear-Reverse Planet
17. Shaft-Reverse Planet Gear
18. Carrier Assy.-Reverse Planet
19. Housing-Reverse Gear
25. Snapring-Planetary Gear Retaining
26. Washer-Planetary Gear Retaining
27. Thrust Washer-Reverse Sun Gear
28. Thrust Washer-Reverse Sun Gear
29. Thrust Washer-Planetary Gear
30. Pin-Snapring Retaining Spring
31. Spring-Reverse Clutch Piston Retracting
32. Dowel Pin
33. Snapring
34. Seal Ring-Reverse Clutch Piston (Inner)
35. Expander-Reverse Clutch Piston Seal Ring (Inner)
36. Seal Ring-Reverse Clutch Piston (Outer)
37. Expander-Reverse Clutch Piston Seal Ring (Outer)
39. Ring-Drive Shaft Oil Seal
40. Thrust Washer-Reverse Gear Drive Shaft
41. Thrust Washer-Reverse Gear Drive Shaft
42. Snapring-Drive Shaft Thrust Washer
43. Sleeve-Oil Transfer
b. Operation.
Motion from the marine engine is imparted to the drive shaft by locking either the forward or reverse clutch plate
between a hydraulically-operated piston and a drive plate.  The following paragraphs explain how the mechanism
operates. A previous figure illustrates the direction of motion of the various gears and allied parts of the planet to impart
reverse motion to the drive shaft.


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