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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-39. REVERSE GEAR ASSEMBLY (Continued).
The sun gear (8) is free to rotate around the hub of the planet carrier (18) which is, in turn, splined to the drive
shaft (6). Gear teeth at the inner diameter of the forward clutch drive plate (4) mesh with the teeth on the sun gear.
Consequently, when the engine is running, the sun gear is carried around with the flywheel.
Four pairs of planet gears (15) and (16) are needle-bearing-mounted on shafts (17) fixed in the carrier (18). Four
of the planet gears (16) mesh with the sun gear; the other four planet gears (15) mesh with gears (16) and with ring gear
(9) surrounding the planet gears but separate from the planet carrier (18). The reverse clutch plate (10) is splined to the
ring gear (9).
When the reverse clutch is applied, the ring gear (9) is held stationary. Then, with the sun gear (8) traveling in
the same direction as the engine and at engine speed, planet gears (16) will revolve counterclockwise and planet gears
(15) will revolve clockwise inside the stationary ring gear (9), thus turning the planet carrier (18) and drive shaft (6) in a
counterclockwise direction at engine speed.
(1) Forward Drive
As shown below when the engine is running, forward drive to the shaft (6) is accomplished by moving the
selector control valve lever to the forward position. This admits oil under pressure from the pump to the oil passage (A)
in the reverse gear housing (19) and into a quill in the drive shaft (6), thence through a radial passage in the flywheel to
an intersecting horizontal passage-leading to the cavity between the flywheel and the forward clutch piston.
Oil Flow Diagram for Application of Forward Drive Clutch Including Power Flow Legend
Passage-Forward Oil
Passage-Neutral Oil
Passage-Reverse Oil
Plate-Forward Clutch
Plate-Forward Clutch Drive
Piston-Forward Clutch
Shaft-Reverse Gear Drive
Housing-Reverse Gear


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