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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
2-23. Service Hydraulic Power Unit (FIGURE 2-14)
This task covers:
a. Inspect,
b. Service,
c. Repair
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanics'
Equipment shutdown and tagged
"Out of Service - Do not
See TM 55-1905-223-10
Lint free cloth, Item 5, Appendix C
Cleaning solvent (PD 680), Item 23, Appendix C
Utility pail, Item 28, Appendix C
Hydraulic Oil, MIL-H-17672C, Type
Suction strainer, P/N SEH-10-1-100-RV3 (2)
Filler breather, P/N AB1010-6-HNGO (2)
Level sensor, P/N 9999-40900 (2)
a. Visually inspect the entire unit for leaks, contamination, deterioration, or broken parts.
b. Oil check
(1) Check that hydraulic fluid is clear and free of water or other contamination.
(2) Check the level gauge (6) on the front of the reservoir.
c. Remove the cable from the level sensor, remove and inspect the sensor (2).
Do not overfill the reservoir.  The reservoir must include air space over the fluid for air/fluid
expansion and vessel pitch and roll.
Do not attempt to read the level gauge or add fluid in rough seas.
a. Drain
(1) Position utility pail under reservoir drain valve (5) on front of the unit.
Hulls 2008 and subsequent
Change 1 2-44


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