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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
3-9. Replace/Repair Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly. (FIGURE 3-2)
This task covers:
a. Removal,
b. Repair,
c. Replacement,
d. Adjustment.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's,
Equipment shut down and tagged
"Out of Service - Do Not Operate."
See TM 55-1905-223-10.
Tiller pin, P/N 620-0061
Hydraulic cylinder assembly,
P/N 600-0045
Bearing, P/N 610-0079
Utility pail, Item 28, Appendix C
a. Close the two shutoff valves to the cylinder.
b. Position utility pail at hydraulic cylinder assembly (1).
c. Disconnect two hydraulic hoses (2) at cylinder and cap two hydraulic hoses.
d. Remove setscrew (11) and lockwasher (10).
e. Turn clevis (5) counterclockwise off rod (8) and remove.
f. Remove locking plate (12).
Wipe up oil spills.
g. Remove tiller pin (6) and bearing (7) connecting cylinder to tiller arm (4) and lower cylinder end to deck.
h. Support cylinder and remove mounting pad connecting pin (3). Lower cylinder assembly to deck.
Repair at this level consists of replacing: hydraulic cylinder assembly (1), tiller pin (6), and bearing (7).


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