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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
a. Position tiller arm end of cylinder on deck. Raise cylinder to mate with mounting pad and insert mounting pad
pin (3).
b. Raise tiller arm end of cylinder to tiller arm (4) connection. Insert bearing (7) and tiller pin (6).
c. Install locking plate (12).
d. Position clevis (5) on rod (8) and turn clockwise.
e. Install lockwasher (10) and secure setscrew (11).
f. Remove caps and connect two hydraulic hoses (2) to cylinder assembly (1).
g. Fill system and bleed (paragraph 2-10).
a. Cylinder Stop Adjustment.
(1) Loosen setscrew (11) and position threaded stop (9), at extreme top of cylinder rod (8).
(2) Manually move steering gear to a hard-over position.
(3) Adjust threaded stop (9) until it contacts the front face of cylinder. Tighten setscrew (11).
(4) Manually move steering gear to the opposite hard-over position.


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