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TB 55-1900-232-10
mm. Is adequate chafing protection provided for the vessel's primary and secondary towing systems?
nn. Is the secondary towing pendant at least 1 5/8-inch wire rope?
oo. Is the secondary towing pendant stopped off in bights on one side of the tow?
pp. Are the stops sufficient to hold in heavy weather, but accessible to allow cutting and light enough to be broken
without damaging the towing pendant or tow?
qq. Will the secondary pendant fall free without turns that willcause kinking as they pull out?
Is the secondary towing pendant fitted with a synthetic line messenger to facilitate passing it to the tug?
If the tow is unmanned, is a polypropylene floating retrieval line attached to the end of the messenger with a
small buoy secured at its end?
Normally, an open-ocean tow has solid connecting jewelry, but m cases of damaged and some calculated risk
tows (such as some SINKEXs), an emergency quick-disconnect method such as a pelican hook is advisable If
this is such a tow, is an emergency quick disconnect provided?
If so, what?
uu. If an emergency disconnect is provided, will all jewelry fit through all fairleads through which it must pass (e.g,
the bullnose)?
What is the weakest element in the towing rig?
What is its strength?
11. Special Considerations.
a.  Some types of tows require special considerations.  For instance, YTBs, YTMs and other self- propelled
service craft were not designed to go to sea and are not very seaworthy.  In these craft, the watertight
envelope must be absolutely complete; they have low freeboards and water will constantly be breaking over
them even in moderate seas. Topside weight must be reduced to an absolute minimum Barges must be in
excellent condition and, in most cases, reinforced on the inside of the bow because of the constant pounding of
the seas caused by their flat bottoms Submarines are not designed with towing in mind Generally, a towing
padeye is installed near the sail as a single towing point See Chapter 4 and Appendix J of the U S. Navy
Towing Manual for data concerning submarine tows


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