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TB 600-1
39.  Military leaders have recognized training as the most important unit activity in peacetime. Preparing and conducting this
training is the military leader's most difficult, but most important job. Accomplishment of a unit's mission can only be completed
when soldiers meet the established standards of performance.
There are currently over 40,000 tactical power generators being used in the Active Army. It is obvious that with this large
amount of equipment, prevention of abuse, and material readiness are prime concerns to Commanders. Improper operation and lack
of operator maintenance have been identified as the direct source of major equipment failures. The best way to prevent problems of
this type is by creating and implementing an efficient operator training program. However, this process is not always simple to
Many of the Army Regulations and other directives specifying the procedures and guidance to train generator operators have
been rescinded. Additionally, those publications that are still current are unclear or outdated. The intent of this packet is to specify
the necessary publications and outline procedures to be used for selection, training, testing, and qualifying operators on mobile
electric power generators. The information in this packet is written non-specifically and in a general format for adaptability to any unit
and their organic equipment.
This packet is designed to be used in conjunction with the references listed in Chapter 13. The subjects and information listed
in Annexes are written in an outline form. These subjects are required for instruction when training and qualifying personnel to
operate generators. A recommended (SAMPLE) training program, to include lesson plans, performance, and written test have been
incorporated in this packet (APPENDIX H). This program was written for a 5KW generator set and can be adapted, with modification,
to any of the DOD family of generators. The use of the recommended training program in Appendix H, will allow flexibility and
adaptability to any unit and it's mission.
With this packet, Commanders will be able to effectively train and qualify personnel to operate generators. Any comments or
suggestions should be forwarded to Commandant, US Army Engineer School, ATTN: ATZT-TDI-G, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060.
The words "he, him, and his" when used in this publication, represents both the masculine and feminine genders, unless
otherwise specifically stated.
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