Quantcast Figure 4-14. Removing injector from cylinder head.

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TM 55-1905-217-12
(6) After installing the injectors in the engine,
perform a complete engine tune-up. However, if only one
injector has been removed and replaced and the other
injectors and the governor adjustment have not been
disturbed, it will only be necessary to adjust the valve
clearance and time the injector for the one cylinder, and
to position the injector rack control levers. Refer to
paragraph 431 to position the rack control levers.
Timing the Injector (fig. 4-16).
(1)  Pull the engine stop control out to the NO-
FUEL position.
(2)  Rotate the crankshaft until the exhaust
valves are fully depressed on the cylinder to be timed.
Figure 4-14. Removing injector from cylinder head.
(3)  Place the small end of the injector timing
injector and prevent any undue stresses from being
gage J1853 (for HV7 injector) in the hole [provided in the
exerted against the spray tip.
top of the injector body, with the flat of the gage toward
the injector follower.
d. Installation.
(1) Refer to figure 4-13 and insert the injector into
the injector tube with the dowel registering with the
Loosen the push rod locknut.
locating hole in the cylinder head.
(5)  Turn the push rod and adjust the injector
(2) Slide the rack control lever over so that it
rocker arm until the extended part of the gage will just
registers with the injector rack.
pass over the top of the injector follower.
(3) Place the injector clamp in place and install the
(6)  Hold the push rod and tighten the locknut.
special washer. Install the bolt and tighten it to 20-25 ft-lb
Check the adjustment and, if necessary, readjust the
torque. Make sure that the lamp does not interfere with
the exhaust valve or injector springs.
Check the injector control rack for free movement.
Excess torque can cause the control rack to stick or
(4) Move the rocker arm assembly into position and
tighten the rocker arm bracket bolts to 90-100 ft-lb
(5) Remove the shipping caps. Then, install the fuel
pipes and connect them to the injectors and the fuel
connectors. Tighten the connections to 12-15 ft-lb torque.
Do not bend the fuel pipes and do not exceed
the specified torque. Excessive tightening
will twist or fracture the flared end of the fuel
line and result in leaks. Lubricating oil diluted
Figure 4-16. Timing fuel injector.
by fuel oil can cause serious damage to the
engine bearings.


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