Quantcast Figure 4-57. Transmission oil pump removal

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TM 55-1905-217-12
19.Bearing cover bolt
31.Adapter plate dowel pin
41. Flywheel housing
32.Transfer gear housing to
42. Planetary gear assembly
21.Bearing cover gasket
adapter plate gasket
43. Flywheel pilot bearing
22.Driven gear
33.Reverse gear adapter
44. Flywheel to crankshaft
23.Drive gear bearing
assembly (rear)
34. Reverse gear to adapter
45. Flywheel pilot bearing
24. Cover (special)
plate gasket
25. Reveres gear drive shaft
35. Reverse gear housing
46. Flywheel
36. Reverse ring gear
47. Forward clutch plate
26. Drive shaft cover bolt
37. Reverse clutch drive
48. Emergency engagement
27. Drive shaft cover gasket
28. Drive gear (pinion)
38. Dump valve plug
49. Nut
29. Transfer gear housing
39. Forward clutch dump
50. Reverse gear to adapter
30. Drive gear bearing
plate bolt
assembly (front)
40. Dump valve spring
Figure 4-56. Continued.
housing. When the selector control valve is rotated to the
reverse position, oil is admitted to the reverse oil
passage. The neutral (lubricating) oil passage is never
cut off regard-less of the position of the selector control
4-72. Transmission Oil Cooler
a. General.
(1)  To  provide  additional  cooling  for  the
lubricating oil used in the torqmatic marine gear, a
separate oil cooler is mounted on each engine. Thus,
sufficient additional cooling is provided to insure that
normal operating temperatures are maintained in the
marine gear oil system under all conditions of speed and
load in both forward and reverse.
(2)  Oil is drawn through the oil strainer from the
Figure 4-57. Transmission oil pump removal.
marine gear oil sump by the marine gear oil pump and
then is circulated through the oil filter and oil cooler to the
4-71. Transmission Control Valve (fig. 4-58)
selector control valve.
a. General. The control valve assembly consists of
a master selector valve for controlling both engines of the
power unit simultaneously and separate shutoff control
valves for controlling the flow of the oil to each individual
engine marine gear. For hull numbers 8540 thru 8560
and 8580 thru 8618, the selector valve is modified to
include regulating valve components.
Three oil passages, for forward drive, for reverse drive,
and for neutral and lubrication, are provided in each
reverse gear housing. Oil grooves and passages are
machined in the selector control valve so that, when it is
rotated to the forward position by the lever, oil is admitted
Figure 4-58. Transmission control valve.


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