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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Do not use a hammer. Damage to dowels will result.
(3) Use mallet to install dowels (2, 8, 9).
Install cylinder liner (8).
(1) Lubricate packing ring bore of cylinder block with clean engine lube oil.
Do not use starting fluid. Naphtha and methyl ethyl ketone are flammable. Use
caution to prevent personal injury. Follow manufacturer instructions.
(2) Use hydrocarbon solvent (such as naphtha, methyl ethyl ketone, tricholoroethane 1,1,1
methyl chloroform or equivalent) to clean the counterbore and cylinder liner flange.
The counterbore ledge and cylinder liner flange must be dry. Sealant will not dry if
parts contain oil,.
(3) Install shims (1, FIG. 4-89), if required.
Do not lubricate plain seal (2) and preformed' packing (3 and 4). This prevents oil
from contacting counterbore ledge.
(4) Lubricate packing ring bore in cylinder block.
(5) Install plain seal (2) with beveled edge as shown in FIG. 4-89.
The preformed packings (3 and 4) have a d-shaped cross section. The packings
must be installed with the flat side against the cylinder liner.
(6) Install black preformed packing (3) and red preformed packing (4). Use mold mark on
preformed packings to check if packing is twisted.
The following parts must be installed within 10 minutes after applying the sealant.
An excessive amount of sealant will cause engine damage.
(7) Use RTV sealant. Apply a bead of sealant to the bottom of the cylinder liner flange and the
special ring (FIG. 4-90). Ensure sealant bead size is between 3/64 and 1/16 inch (1.1
and 1.6 mm).


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