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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(c) If the sanitary unit still fails to operate properly, replace the level sensor assembly.
a. Turn all electrical power to the sanitary unit OFF.
b. Drain the sanitary unit (Table 2-2, Item 1).
c. Remove treatment tank cover (paragraph 2-11). Remove tank gasket.
Draining of the unit should have reduced the level of any remaining effluent to a
point below the probes.
Ladle out effluent as necessary to facilitate in
disconnecting the level sensor.
d. Tag and disconnect the sensor wiring (2, FIGURE 2-16) in the control module assembly at their
terminals on the circuit card assembly. See FIGURE 2-17 for terminal identification. The level
sensor terminals are at the bottom of TB3 marked TANK FULL, DEMAND, and CT GND.
e. Loosen the cable connector and remove the wiring from the control module assembly.
f. Disconnect the mounting connection (3, FIGURE 2-16) from the underside of the unit.
g. Disconnect the probes bracket screw (4).
h. Remove the assembly (1) from the treatment tank.
a. Run the wiring, (2, FIGURE 2-16) of a new assembly (1) through the opening in the treatment tank.
b. Position the level sensor assembly in the treatment tank and connect the probe bracket with screw
c. Install the mounting connection (3) from the underside of the unit.
d. Run the wiring through the cable connector on the control module assembly. Tighten the connector
until snug.
e. Connect the wiring to their proper terminals on the circuit card assembly in the control module. Refer
to (4, FIGURE 2-17) for terminal identification. The level sensor terminals are on TB3 marked


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