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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(f) Remove the tubing clamp from bleach tubing (7).
(3) Connect the electrical cable to the bleach solenoid (paragraph 2-18).
c. Replace the ball check valve (7, FIGURE 2-23).
(1) Position the check valve in the backwash piping and connect the hex fittings (6) on each side of the
check valve. Make sure the direction of flow through the valve is towards the treatment tank on top of
the unit.
(2) Secure the hex fittings (6) and hand tighten.
d. Replace the backwash solenoid valve (2, FIGURE 2-23).
(1) Install the solenoid valve (2) onto the piping elbow at connection (1).
(2) Connect the electrical cable to the backwash water solenoid valve (paragraph 2-18).
e. Replace the dial indicating pressure gauge (5, FIGURE 2-23).
(1) Apply teflon pipe lubricant to the threads of the new gauge.
(2) Install the gauge into the backwash water piping. Turn the gauge clockwise to install.
(3) Align the gauge and secure the locknut at the base of the gauge and hand tighten.
f. Replace the gate valve (3, FIGURE 2-23).
(1) Apply teflon pipe lubricant to the connections, and install the gate valve (3) to the waterline piping on
each side of the valve.
(2) The water inlet is now connected to the sanitary unit. Close the valve by turning the handle fully
(3) Open the external water supply valve to the sanitary unit. Check for leaks at the inlet (4) of the gate
valve (3) and correct as required.
(4) Open the gate valve (3).
g. Open the bleach metering valve.
h. Restore electrical power (TM 55-1905-223-10), start the unit, and conduct run check (paragraph 2-6).


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