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TM 55-1905-223-24-12
Take off capscrews from upper housing (7).
Using eye bolt and sling lift off upper housing (7).
Place lifting slings around each shaft near the impeller (9), and lift
rotating element from lower casing. Place in convenient work area.
Loosen drive coupling set screw, and tap coupling at back of its hub
to remove from shaft. Extract machine key (19).
b. Rotating Element.
Remove grease deflector (not shown) from shaft.
Remove all capscrews or nuts that retain bearing cover (16) to inboard
bearing housing (18) and outboard bearing housing (1).
Remove bearing housings (1), (18) from shaft.
Remove adapters from shaft.
On outboard end of pump, loosen bearing locknut (2) and remove. Slide
bearing lockwasher from shaft.
With a bearing puller remove the outboard bearing (3).
Repeat steps (5) and (6) to remove the inboard bearing (17).
Remove bearing covers (16) from shaft.
Loosen set screw in shaft sleeve nuts (5). Turn nuts in same direction
shaft rotates to remove from shaft.
(10) Remove stuffing box groups as an assembly (preformed packing (11),
packing retainer (14), gland bolt (15), lantern ring (13) and stuffing
box with "O"-ring (12)) from each end of shaft.
(11) Remove "O" ring from each stuffing box.
(12) Remove packing retainer(14), gland bolts (15), preformed packing and (11)
lantern ring (13) from stuffing box (12).
(13) Remove casing rings (10) from impeller (9).
(14) Remove shaft sleeves with "O"-ring (8) from shaft. Remove one "O" ring
from each sleeve.
(15) Pull impeller (9) from shaft.
(16) Remove impeller machine key (23).


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