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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
8-24. LIQUID-PASTE COMBINATION PATCH. Situations may develop where it is desirable to use the liquid resin
hardener mixture, reinforced with roving cloth, in combination with the paste resin hardener mixture.
The woven cloth can be applied to either side of the plate resin hardener mixture used to fill the cavity (as
illustrated in FIGURE 8-13). One ply of impregnated woven roving on one side of the surface being repaired is sufficient.
When it is desirable to present a finished side, it is preferred that the paste be applied to that side as it can be sanded or
ground to conform to surface contours after it has hardened. Where it is practicable, it is best to apply the woven roving
on the pressure or impact side of the hole.
Combination patch may be employed:
a. Where insufficient quantities of material for either single type patch (liquid or paste) are available.
FIGURE 8-13. Combination Patch Repairs to Metal of Wooden Bulkheads.


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