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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-35. BLOWER ASSEMBLY (Continued).
c. If the right-hand helix gear is
moved out, the right-hand helix
rotor (101) will turn counter-
clockwise when viewed from the
gear end. If the left-hand helix
gear is moved out, the left-hand
helix rotor (102) will turn
clockwise when viewed from the
gear end. This positioning of
the gear, to obtain the proper
clearance between the rotor
lobes, is known as blower timing.
d. Moving the gears OUT or IN on the
rotor shafts is accomplished by
adding or removing shims between
the gears and the bearings.
e. The clearance between the rotor
lobes should be checked with 1/2
inch wide feeler gages. When
measuring clearances of more
than .005 inch, laminated feeler
gages that are made up of .002
inch, .003 inch, or .005 inch
feeler stock are more practical
and suitable than a single
feeler gage. Clearances should
be measured from both the inlet
and outlet sides of the blower
as shown below.


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