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TM 55-1905-223-24-9
Loosen piping connections at low points and drain trapped fluid into utility pail.
Secure piping connections at low points.
Close cylinder in-line shutoff valves and disconnect hose lines (cap open ends of hoses).
Remove cylinders from tiller arms and mounting pads. (Direct Support maintenance personnel
must be contacted for removal. ,Reference paragraph 3-9.).
(10) Turn cylinder so outer gear drains into utility pail.
(11) Remove connection from header tank and drain fluid into utility pail.
(12) Properly dispose of used hydraulic fluid.
b. Flush.
Use clean, filtered oil of specified grade, or hydraulic system could be damaged.
Position utility pail and funnel under reservoir drain plug on front of pumpset.
Remove drain plug.
Flush all hydraulic lines with clean oil.
Remove inspection cover (paragraph 2-16, see FIGURE 2-7) on top of reservoir. Rinse out tank
interior with solvent and wipe dry. Clean (or replace if you need to) both suction strainers inside
tank. Use same oil soluble solvent to clean strainers, and blow dry with compressed air.
Replace drain plug.
Install suction strainers and replace inspection cover.
Install cylinders on tiller arms and mounting pads. (Direct support maintenance personnel must
be contacted for replacement. Reference paragraph 3-9.) (8). Remove caps from ends of hose
lines and connect to cylinders.
Replace inlet filter cartridge (paragraph 2-21).
Clean manifold inlet and outlet filter screen elements (refer to paragraph 3-12 for disassembly).
Reconnect all hydraulic fluid lines.


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